The Magic Finger

    The book I am going to introduce is “The Magic Finger”, by Roald Dahl. It’s very creative, it’s about a girl who is special because she has THE MAGIC FINGER. It works like this: if she sees something she doesn’t like and get furious about it, then the person who makes her angry, turns into a “thing”. For example, her teacher asks her to spell the word ‘cat’ and she spells it wrongly. The teacher says she’s stupid and asks her to stand in the corner. The girl uses the magic finger and turns her teacher into a big fat cat! When the girl sees the Gregg family carrying a dead deer, she shouts at them, but the Gregg-kids make faces at her and their father asks her to mind her own ‘beeswax’, so she uses her magic finger on them! This book is full of funny tricks that the girl does with her magic finger. And most importantly, it leads us to be kind and caring! So, if you want to know the ending, just read the book!