Our school consistently strives to create a language-rich learning environment to equip our students with language skills for the purpose of enhancing their English and Putonghua proficiency.


Our school has placed considerable emphasis on learning outside the classroom. We employ a ‘Language follows the teacher’ strategy which requires our students to communicate with teachers either in English or in Putonghua. Our teachers also design theme-based passport activities which are hosted by our ‘Language Leaders’.

本校採取「語境跟隨老師」策略:全校教師均已選定一種語言,師生在課室內外須以指定語言溝通。本校每年均設計主題式語境活動,由語境大使主持,包括語文遊戲、外籍教師Chat Corner、英語小賣部等。另中、英文科每年均舉辦語文活動日,為學生提供輕鬆活潑的學習機會。

We employ one extra Native English-speaking teacher besides the full-time NET provided by the EDB. They help in classroom teaching and activities so as to provide our students with maximum opportunities to communicate in English in their daily life.


The school TV channel, ‘EP Channel’ (E=English, P=Putonghua), funded by ‘Quality Education Fund’ has been established to boost students’ bilingual ability through the mass media. Moreover, Putonghua has been adopted as the medium of instruction in Chinese Language subject in all classes from P.1 to P.6.